Professor Nestor

Assistant Professor 

Developmental Psychology and Human Development

The University of Rochester


I'm an assistant professor at the University of Rochester, holding a joint appointment in Human Development at the Warner School of Education and in Developmental Psychology in the Department of Psychology. I am the principal investigator of the Families, Achievement Motivation, & Identity (FAM&I) research lab.

My research focuses on the assets that families possess that help minoritized teens flourish in their education and overall development. I'm particularly interested in how parents and other family members help youth become academically successful, develop strong racial/ethnic & gender identities, and pursue important life goals.

I also work with community programs to help families enhance their support at home through parent-informed and theory-based resources (e.g., workshops and information booklets). Through these applied activities, I aim to strengthen authentic, asset-based partnerships between institutions and families.

My Approaches to Research

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Methods to Answer My Questions

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